Your Medicare Plan Options Explained The Right Way


Prescriptions are not covered under Medicare or your Supplement.  You will need to buy a Part D Drug Card in order to have  coverage for Medications.


Medicare Advantage plans are funded by Medicare but administered by private healthcare companies.  

Bottom Line on Option Two -

Most Medicare Advantage plans in Ohio cost you $0 per month or small premium like $19 per month

Unlike having a Medicare Supplement, You have to pay a small portion of the services you are receiving called copayments.  Example

Primary Office Visit - $5
Specialist Office Visit - $25
Labwork - $2
X-Rays - $7
Emergency Care - $80
Outpatient Surgery - $295

Plan Includes Part D Prescription Drug Coverage, Dental, Vision, Hearing Aids, Gym Membership and more.

Understanding Your Medicare Choices -  3 Minute Video

Buy a Medicare Supplement Policy along with a separate Part D Prescription Card

A Medicare Supplement policy will pay all or most of what your Medicare Parts A and B do not pay .

This only is in regards to Medical Treatment.

Bottom Line on Option One -

You will buy a Medicare Supplement Policy to help cover the part of the Medical bills Medicare does not cover.

Average Cost to Purchase the most popular Supplement is $170 per month*

Part D Prescription Card

Average Cost to Purchase a common Part D Drug Card is  
$35 per month*


Medicare Part B Cost - $134
Medicare Supplement Policy - $170
Part D Prescription Card - $35
Total Monthly Cost - $339*

Please Note - Option One does not cover Dental, Vision, Hearing, and may or may not cover a Gym Membership

Enroll Into a Medicare Advantage Plan

A Medicare Advantage Plan combines your medical, prescription, dental, vision, gym membership, and more coverage into one plan.

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*Premiums will vary based on plan as well as other factors

Ohio Medicare Advantage plans have very extensive provider networks...meaning its likely your Doctors and Hospitals are covered by most plans


Medicare Part B Cost - $134
Medicare Advantage Plan - $0
Part D Prescription Card - $0
Total Monthly Cost - $134