How Do I Sign Up for Medicare?

For most Americans, Part A Medicare is provided at no cost. The reason for this is you have worked enough in your life and have paid into Medicare thereby making Part A paid up.

Part B needs to be signed up for within 3 months prior to your 65th birthday month.  You can do this Online or in person at your local Socail Security office.

Currently, Part B Medicare costs $135.50 per month for most people, however, it is income based so the more money you make the higher your Part B premium may be.  See Chart below..

Enrollment Online 

FIRST Set up your My Social Security account online  -  Click Here -  When you land on the webpage click on the "Create an Account" link.

AFTER you set up your My Social Security accountClick Here - to sign up for Medicare.   Click on "Start a New Application"

Enrollment In Person

Sign up in Person at the Social Security OfficeYou can stop into your Local Social Security Office and tell them you would like to sign up for Medicare.

  Please Note - If you are taking Social Security payments prior to turning age 65 - example started      at 62 years old - you will automatically be mailed your Medicare ID card up to 3 months prior to          your 65th birthday month.  This means you will NOT need to sign up for Part B Medicare.  You will      be auto enrolled into Medicare Part B.

Reason you may NOT need Medicare Part B.  If you are covered on an employer plan either on your own or through your spouse, you may delay taking Medicare Part B.  The reason for this, is your employer plan would be primary so there would be no sense in you paying for Part B Medicare.

Important - Even though you may have coverage through your employer, it is in your best interest to find out if Medicare would be a better option for you financially. Medicare may also provide you with better benefits.

Please call us with any questions or concerns in regards to this (330) 577-1995

  Exception - The one exception to this rule is if your employer ia a small group that has under 20          employees. If this is the case, you would still need to enroll into Medicare Part B.  The reason for          this, is under Small employers, Medicare is Primary.  Be sure to check with youe employer on this.

Signing Up for Part B Medicare AFTER your have turned age 65 - In this situation, it is best to sign up at your local Social Security Office. Social Security will want a completed and signed (by you and your employer) "Request For Employment Information"  Click Here For Form   This form along with the "Application for Enrollment in Medicare Part BClick Here For Form will need to be given to Social Security.