Are My Doctors Going to be Covered Under Medicare?

In Ohio, pretty much all Doctors and Hospitals accept Medicare.  If you decide to stay on Orginal Medicare and add a Medicare Supplement to cover the gaps, you do not need to worry if your Doctor is covered.  Remember, dental and eye glasses are not covered.

If you decide to be covered under a Medicare Advantage plan it is important to make sure your preferred doctors and hospitals participate in the plan you would like to enroll in.  Most of Ohio's Medicare Advantage plans have very extensive networks of providers which means there is a good chance your doctors are covered.

When it comes to dental, vision, and mental health providers, each plan usually has a more limited list. It is very important that these type of providers are checked to see if they will be covered.

Here at Ohio Insurance Resource, we will check to be sure all of your preferred Doctors, Hospitals, Dentist, etc.. are covered before we enroll you into a plan.